Introducing the Grand Raid Organisation

The Grand raid BCVS is organised as follows :

  • Central Commitee which is the heart of the organisation and defines the strategy of the Grand Raid BCVS.
  • Committee Director who is the key operational person for the Grand Raid BCVS.
  • Race Committee is made up of a technical advisor and the leaders of the Sectors crossed by the event. The majority of these people have worked voluntarily for the Grand Raid BCVS since it began. They take responsibility for the logistics, security, organisation and technical matters of the event within their Sectors. They also liaise with the 1'200 volunteers who assist throughout the length of the course.

Members of the Central Committee:

Jean-Pierre Fournier


Jean-Pierre Fournier

Eric Léger

Course Leader

Eric Léger

Eric Héritier


Eric Héritier

Massy Sébastien

Technical Leader

Sébastien Massy

Areas of responsibility:



Nicolas Gauye