Date : Friday 23rd August 2019

Location: Sion, Place of la Planta, city center for riders starting from Évolène, Hérémence, Nendaz and Verbier

 Opening times: 11pm to 7pm

                                                    Modification Technical Control logo-attention 

  • The technical inspection is compulsory and must be done during the 2 weeks preceding the race in one of our Check Point partner shops, . Those who are unable to do so (foreigners or people who don't have any partner shops in their area) will be allowed to get their bike checked Friday before the race in Sion


  • It is only possible to get your bib number in Sion (Place de la Planta) from 11h to 19h with a signed confirmation from the shop or Sion's mechanics attesting your bike is in order. 


All bib numbers must be picked up in SION

  • All riders must pick up their starting numbers in Sion, and there will only be one control area
  • This is also valid for riders departing from Verbier
  • The bike village, with the control area to pick up your starting number, will be on the “Place de la Planta” in Sion on Friday the 23rd of August from 11:00 to 19:00 o’clock


Technical assistance during the race

  • The technical assistance on the route of the circuit is maintained and unchanged.


List of our "Chekpoints" shop partners in Switzerland

Bike'N Joy Martigny
Bike Evasion Sports Saxon
Big Friends Brig- Naters
Ciclissimo Uvrier
Crossroad Martigny
Cycles Ferrero Sion
Cyclone Sports Savièse
Fatal Bike Monthey
Garage de Chiron Vétroz
Happy Sport Le Châble
La Roue tourne Sembrancher
Médran Sports Verbier
Neige Aventure Nendaz
Passione Sportiva Fully


Alpi'Trail Puidoux
BBR Cycles Mont sur Lausanne
Cycles Dotti SA Morges
Cycles Froidevaux Morges
Cycles Roth Grandson
Cycles Sport Huguelet Champagne
Cycles Thévenaz Ste-Croix
Dom Cycles Aigle
Funny Bike Chavannes-de-Bogis
Hubacher Cycles Nyon
Marginal Sport & Cylces Oron
Rochat Cycles Aubonne
The Bike Pully
Thommen Cycles Cossonay
Version Originale Cycles Yverdon-les-Bains
Wanner Cycles


Alexand'Ro Edourd'O Passion Velo Chaux-de-Fonds
La Bicycletterie Peseux
Cyclerc Neuchâtel
Cycles Prof Luthi St-Blaise
Frenetic Bikes Areuse
Sport-Cycles Corcelles
Sudero Cycles Le Landeron
Zanetta Sports Colombier
Castella Sports SA Bulle
Cycles Pache Avry sur Matran
Cycles Passion Bulle
Cycles Tesag Corcelles-près-Payerne
Dupasquier Sports Vuadens
Menoud Bike Givisiez
Pro Cycles Associés Payerne
Sports Aventures SA Romont
Cycles Refouss Porrentruy
Joliat Cycles Courtételle
Boillat R. Cycles Porrentruy
Boillat R. Cycles Le Noirmont
Bicycleddy Sarl Delémont
e-space vélos Jura Develier
Alouettes Cycles Bévilard
Big Friends AG Thoune
Fabien Bike Tramelan
Garage Vuillemier Sarl Tavannes
Velo-Nello St-Imier
Hot Point Cycling Genève
Cycles Addicts Genève
b-cycles  Genève - Nyon



List of our "Chekpoints" shop partners in Europe


Velovita Rad Sport Weissenburg, Bayern



Our bike shops partners will check your bike for free but only aspects refering to security and safety (brakes, play, etc). Any other dysfunction which doesn't compromise your safety won't be checked  for free.  Any service will be charged. 

Specialist advice List1367432557_pdf

Adrian's bike Nivelle, Wallonie
Cycles Wheel   Crémieux, Isère