1. Directions to the Parking lot of Tourbillon Stadium

Take the Sion east exit from the highway and follow the signs for "Grand Raid BCVS" 

Adress : Rue des Echutes 40, 1950 Sion 

2. From Tourbillon Stadium to the "Place de la Planta"

Follow the signs for "Grand Raid BCVS" 



1.Highway exit  "Martigny - Gd St-Bernard" direction Verbier

2. Parking in Le Châble or Verbier. Fromt the 17th to the 20th August till 20h, Verbier's parking lots near the bike ville will be free for the first 3 hours. Then, it costs 5.-CHF per day 

!! CAUTION!! The gondolas from Le Châble (to Verbier) will be open and free from 5h to 5h45 Saturday morning for riders starting from Verbier. 






Sion Map


                     Plan d'accès Tourbillon - Planta

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